The Quimper Corgi Clan on Parade

We marched in Port Townsend's Rhody Grand Parade this weekend. What a blast! We had fourteen Corgis with us and we had a great time. Mom and Dad really liked hearing, “Oh look! Corgis!” all along the parade route. We even had Her Majesty leading us:



They Grow Up Fast!

These are my kids from a litter with Briar Rose: Arrow and Bravey. Their Mom Michelle is shown here with them as puppies and today as one-year olds! They live with Michelle, her husband Rob, and their daughters Heather & Hiedi. They also live with Lady, a Corgi who keeps everyone in line.

ArrowBrave-Puppies ArrowBrave-1Year

Darby’s First Time At Rosie’s

Dad took Darby to Rosie’s Dog Beach down from us in Long Beach today. It’s the only off-leash dog beach in Los Angeles County and it’s a lot of fun. There are always a lot of people and dogs having a wonderful time… most of us trying to figure out what the water is doing coming in and out like that…. whatever.

Darb had a great time… Dad said she was the “party girl”… she wanted to meet everyone and their dogs.

Best Opposite & Best Coffee

At Amsterdam Coffee House in Paso Robles. Dog-Friendly… they thought I was cute…  mom and dad loved the food and coffee too.

And today, I got Best Opposite to Molly (GCH Segni at Coventry) and Carizma Luminous was our Best of Winners.

Chloe Gets a Group 3

My daughter Chloe won a Group 3 at her first match. We're at the Temecula Kennel Club's “puppy” match. I'm very proud of her… so is dad. Maybe we'll all get ice cream.

Best Opposite in Burbank

Got a BOM… Best Opposite to Molly (GCH Segni at Coventry) at the Burbank Kennel Club show this weekend… it was HOT, but dad got me ice cream. I have no idea who all these other people are but they thought I was cute. The one on the right kept inviting me to come up and see her.

Judge Ann F. Yuhasz. Photo by Kit Rodwell.