The Queen and Her Corgis

Here are some pictures from the news about Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II with her Corgis. It’s rumored that Her Highness cares for and feeds her Corgis Herself whenever she’s able. The Queen Mum loved us too… she and King George VI are responsible to us being so popular. The Queen Mum fancied us too.

Her Majesty is now without a Corgi. Her last, “Willow,” passed away in early 2018.


2 Replies to “The Queen and Her Corgis”

  1. The pictures of the Queen’s dogs were very nice. I am so glad you had a good time in New York. We are friends of Beth and Tony. Tony’s mom and I view the Smiling Corgi quite often. Hank you are very special.

  2. I think they are so sweet… It must be a nice life for a dog that lives in Buckingham Palace!

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