Our Secret Santa Gift

Kelly at Corgi Butts had a Secret Santa Gift Exchange at Elfster for Corgis with blogs. We signed up, purchased our gifts, sent them off… then the waiting began…

Thank you Erik and Brianne and your Corgis Sammy and Norman from Sammy Adventures blog… Hank loves his gifts… they were very thoughtful.

Waiting for the Postman to bring our gift…

Finally it arrived! You mean I have to wait until Christmas?

It's Christmas morning… I get to open my package…

It's not as easy as it looks…

This is all for ME?

A Squeaky Santa… I LOVE IT!

And there's Corgi treats too… and a chew bone…

I love my Santa…

It's MY Santa…

This Secret Santa thing is exhausting… zzzzzzzzzzzz.

More Christmas…

Hank's been busy shopping as an Elfster Secret Santa for a blogster friend at Corgi Butts. Here are some of his favorite ornaments.

A Pembroke in a wreath… go figure.

A Corgi with lights.

The wooden soldier dog.

And our favorite, a Pembroke angel tree-topper from In the Company of Dogs.

Our tree has a couple of hundred dog ornaments… it's true, we're hopeless.

Quite a Week in Long Beach!

A little more down to earth… here's owner and handler John Baker with Wednesday and Thursday's Winner's Dog, his Rosewood Bay Run II… one of Liisa Coit's (Rosewood) Corgis. Nothing like having the judge point to you in the ring, it's a thrill.

Here's Hank with Debbie at the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of Southern California's booth at Meet the Breeds. Our booth won a Group Fourth Place. Yes… we were in costume… a Welsh farmhouse a few hundred years ago.

Doug and Denise Hansford brought their herding/obedience/agility Corgis… smarter than most kids… sweeter too.

Ellen Perlson (Tromba) with Dazzle (Tromba's Just Our Secret)… Dazzle's not sure about the hat.

Sometimes the dogs just get bored with all of this…

Getting Floozed Up for the Show

 I hate this part of the dog show thing… the bath… but there's treats.
Maybe getting dry isn't so bad… there's treats here too.
Getting my feet and nails done… there's even treats for this.

A Dog’s Life

Waiting for mom to finish work…. bored.
Rainy day in So Cal… watching TV with dad… bored.