Looking for a Puppy?

Thanks for visiting. We are located in Western Washington, near Seattle.

No puppies at the moment, we’re not frequent breeders. We encourage you to keep in contact with the Cascade Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club here in Washington, they are good folks and will be a great resource. You also might try contacting the Columbia River Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club in the Portland area, they are good folks too.

Make sure you also take a look at the resources from our National Club, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of America.

We have a litter planned for sometime late in 2022 or early 2023. Our puppies are all health tested (DM where appropriate, & vWD), started on vaccinations, and microchipped. Your puppy’s litter will be registered with the American Kennel Club with our Rockshire kennel name. We even try to start crate-training the puppies by the time we send them to their forever home (after ten weeks).

We suggest trying to get on a few waiting lists for a puppy. You also might want to put together some information about yourself. Let them know about you and your family: Children? Other pets? Enclosed yard? Previous experience with Corgis or other dogs? Someone home during the day? Willing to challenge and exercise the Corgi regularly? Activities in which you might include your Corgi?

Thank you for looking for a reputable breeder, you’ll have them as a partner during the life of your Corgi. You also might want to consider an adult dog from some of the breeders you talk to. Often a breeder will have an adult dog that has finished its show or breeding career and needs a forever home. These dogs are well-socialized with people and other dogs… and you don’t have to go through the puppy experience. It’s the best of both worlds: You get a healthy, purpose-bred dog and give a dog a forever home at the same time.

Breeders will typically want to meet you and your family (if you have one). They like to match you with the appropriate puppy personality from their kennel. There are typically not enough dogs in the overall inventory to be able to pick a coat “color scheme”. 

Best of luck in your search, Corgis are wonderful dogs… they are always worth the wait, and the money.

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