New Video Stars

This is my Addie and her new brother Alfie… their Mom, Linda, played a cat video on YouTube for them and this is what happened…

The Bark Side

This is a teaser for 2012 Volkswagen Game Day. I have no idea what that is but dad keeps watching this YouTube video and laughing. I just like the dogs barking. They could've used a Corgi or two, decease we sort of look like Ewoks anyway…

What's this about? More info here.

Can Your Dog Do This?

This is my buddy Oliver (Rincon Oliver Twist UD OFP CDX RAE HT NA MXP MJP NPF). All the initials after his kennel name mean that he's been working hard at obedience. Here's a video from Shoreline Dog Fancier's Association of Orange County this Friday, going through the Utility A course.

Today at Valley Hills Obedience Club Trial, Ollie got his “UD” Utility Title with a First Place and got his OFP (Open Fast Preferred) Agility Title too… his mom, Amy Balchum is very proud.