New Puppies!

Here are some puppies by Dolly (CH Larklain Cals Just Elegance) and Parker (CH Misty Ridge Rumblestiltskin). They had five girls and three boys on Monday, July 9, 2012. They are healthy, active and beautiful… Dolly is being a great mom, she's wonderful with the puppies.

A Family Affair in Pomona

At the Mission Circuit dog shows in Pomona last month, I got to see a lot of my puppies… and a lot of them did well at the Mission Circuit and the So Cal Specialty.

That's me on the left, next is Riley, Chrissy, Shelby and then Ghibli. Mom is holding me, Linda is holding Riley, their breeder, Robin Jones (Desprado) is holding Chrissy, Chris is holding Shelby and Megan has Ghibli.

Family Matters

Here are some recent photos of some family members and me…

When we were at the Scottsdale Dog Fanciers shows in Arizona recently, Linda came by with my little girl Addie and brought her new fluff brother Alfie. They are BFFs.

More pictures…

Dad got us all together (all we're missing is Dixie). Here's Chloe, Dolly, me, Addie and Alfie.

This is Shelby, she's from Fergie and me. She's on her way to California to a new show home. She wasn't sure what to think of all the activity at the show.

And this is Kolby, he's from Penny and me. Everybody says, “He's just like Hank!” (I'm thinking that's a good thing).

Here's Dolly lounging just after she finished her Championship as Best of Winners… life's tough. Doesn't she look like a Duchess?

Here's Chloe in Mom's arms just hanging out.

More Photos From Westminster

This guy in one of the yellow cars stopped and we got in… when we got out we were at our hotel… is this a great town or what?!
Here's the Video of Dad and me from our experience at Westminster… he keeps watching it. I'm over it… we're on to Scottsdale Fanciers and Superstition Kennel Club shows in Arizona this weekend… wish me luck.

Here are some photos from Steve Surfman (, he was one of the official photographers at Westminster.


These photos are from Roberto Buccianti, he visited my bench at Westminster. Nice that he sent these pictures to Dad. Nine hours of people stopping by, talking about Corgis and wanting to pet me… I think I held up pretty well, considering.



Every Sunday from 10am to noon, a bunch of Corgis get together at the dog park in Central Park, Huntington Beach… look in the “Small Dog” part of the park… not that we're small you understand, we're actually regular-size dogs with short legs.

This is really fun and apparently pretty funny to humans.

The Bark Side

This is a teaser for 2012 Volkswagen Game Day. I have no idea what that is but dad keeps watching this YouTube video and laughing. I just like the dogs barking. They could've used a Corgi or two, decease we sort of look like Ewoks anyway…

What's this about? More info here.