About Hank

Here’s our goodbye to our sweet, gentle boy.

He was GCHG (Gold Grand Champion) Pennyshire Solid Alibi, but we just called him “Hank”. He was the top Pembroke in the US (for about a week) not that he cared, it didn’t get him more food or treats.

His AKC “Gold” Grand Championship certificate

He was also a Canadian Champion, here’s his certificate from the CKC

He was a Pembroke Welsh Corgi… one of those Corgis without a tail… the ones that Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II just loves… corgis think a lot of her too. If it weren’t for her father, King George VI, they might not be around. King George made sure corgis were accepted by the Kennel Club in England as their own breed in 1934. He gave his daughter, Princess Elizabeth, her first Corgi, “Susan,” on her 18th birthday. Elizabeth loved Susan and even took her on the royal honeymoon with Prince Phillip. They’ve been part of the Windsor’s lives ever since.

Here is Hank’s Five-Generation Pedigree from the AKC

Hank’s Health Clearances



vWD status

Coat (Fluff Factor)

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