Family Matters

Here are some recent photos of some family members and me…

When we were at the Scottsdale Dog Fanciers shows in Arizona recently, Linda came by with my little girl Addie and brought her new fluff brother Alfie. They are BFFs.

More pictures…

Dad got us all together (all we're missing is Dixie). Here's Chloe, Dolly, me, Addie and Alfie.

This is Shelby, she's from Fergie and me. She's on her way to California to a new show home. She wasn't sure what to think of all the activity at the show.

And this is Kolby, he's from Penny and me. Everybody says, “He's just like Hank!” (I'm thinking that's a good thing).

Here's Dolly lounging just after she finished her Championship as Best of Winners… life's tough. Doesn't she look like a Duchess?

Here's Chloe in Mom's arms just hanging out.

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