So Cal Corgi Puppy Match

The Pembroke & Cardigan Welsh Corgi Clubs of Southern California had a fun Puppy Match on Saturday, October 23rd. Great seminars, wonderful lunch and a fun time with lots of new Cardigan and Pembroke puppies. More pictures and video.

Liisa Coit (Rosewood)
How can you resist this? The Cardis will grow into those ears… really.
Barbara Hughes (Highgrove) and Roger: Cardigans take Obedience very seriously…
…Pembrokes not so much.
Judge for the day, Elizabeth Sessions

4 Replies to “So Cal Corgi Puppy Match”

  1. WOW! Those Cardigans have HUGE ears!!! Peanut is very well trained for a Pembroke. Pembroke Welsh corgis are the ones who love to be the "Class clowns." Peanut takes obedience very seriously. I am 100% sure he would have passed everything perfectly, but Peanut is neutered…. that was a dog show right??

  2. The older Pembrokes do well, the puppies are still a work in progress. It was a "Puppy Match", good place to get experience for us and for new dogs. After a few months of stress and competition of real dog shows, Barbara Hughes (Highgrove Corgis) says it's "comic relief".

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