What is This Thing?

It's the ultimate Corgi chew toy (described as “indestructible” by some). This is a Conewango ID-01AC. It's a liner dairy farmers use for the cow end of automatic milking machines. They're made of soft, food-grade rubber and they're very strong. Hank hasn't made a dent in his yet, it's been a week. He loves playing with it… it's soft, flexible and it rolls on a curve. WE love him playing with it because it doesn't have a squeaker and it's quiet on our hard wood floors. You can have a tug-o-war with it too, it stretches a little.

More soon on how to get some.

From the Bad Pun Department:
1.  It's an udderly great Corgi toy.
2.  Hank is moooved to play with it.

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