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About Me

I'm GCHG (Grand Champion Gold) Pennyshire Solid Alibi, but you can call me “Hank”. I've been the top Pembroke in the US (not that I care, it doesn't get me more food or treats).

I'm a Pembroke Welsh Corgi… one of those Corgis without a tail… the ones that Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II just loves… we think a lot of her too. If it weren't for her father, King George VI, we might not be around. King George made sure we were accepted by the Kennel Club in England as our own breed in 1934. He gave his daughter, Princess Elizabeth, her first Corgi, Susan, on her 18th birthday. Elizabeth loved Susan and even took her on the royal honeymoon with Prince Phillip. We've been part of the Windsor's lives ever since.

Well… more about me… I live with Mike & Debbie Burk, in Port Townsend, Washington. We live on an acre with trees, squirrels, and deer. Mom and Dad love me and show me in American Kennel Club shows all over the west. It's a lot of fun, especially when I do well. When I do well, I get ice cream, and once I got a lamb chop. I live with my daughter, Chloe Anne (Desprado Elegant Alibi). Chloe is doing well in Barn Hunt.

  1. Mary Smith
    Dec 5 2011

    Hi Hank! I miss you! Tell Dolly and the girls I said Hello!

  2. Susy
    Feb 15 2012
  3. Colleen
    Feb 18 2012

    It was nice to meet you at the show Hank!

  4. Mar 3 2012

    Hi Hank, I love all your photos. I had gotten a red-headed tri from Elaine Erganbright years ago. His name was Montana. I am a friend of Jan Brisco and will be helping her with her new “Rowdy” puppy girl she is getting soon. The plan is Conformation, obiedience, rally, agility and therapy titles in 2012… I know it sounds ambitious, but I’m showing 4 Bullmastiff puppies myself so it will be great fun. Have your parents give you some yummy sweet potato snacks, mine love them.

  5. Ramona Horn
    Mar 17 2012

    How can I contact Jean York of Coalbyn’s Corgys. She’s got a great reputation as a breeder of Pembroke Welsh Corgys. Thank you!

  6. joon
    Sep 18 2012

    Hank, you are handsome and adorable!
    If you know any reputable/responsible breeders in SoCal, please refer me? I’m looking to adopt a healthy happy Corgi puppy as a lifetime pet.

    Thanks ahead!
    The best…

    • admin
      Sep 19 2012


      I’ve copied Gwen Platt of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of Southern California.

      Gwen helps people get hooked up with reputable breeders. She always seems to have a line on current and upcoming litters.

      Thanks for being committed to using a reputable breeder… you get a lifetime of advice, care and support, not to mention dogs with great temperament.

      Please be patient, a good dog is always worth the wait. And please let us know you make out.

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