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August 2017 Kala Pointer

President’s Message

Joe Englander, President

As every other member of the Kala Point Home Owners Association should, I thank the 2016/17 Board of Directors and especially its president, Dale Glantz, for donating their time and effort to help maintain our community as a place where we all are happy to choose to live. The report Dale delivered at the Annual Meeting was remarkable. Many of the Board’s goals were met: On-line voting was instituted; the Tree Committee APPs were updated, reviewed by the most open and detailed process in KPOA history, and approved by the Board; and the Architecture Committee’s APPs have begun to go through the same pattern as the initial draft is out for member comments. We live in a well-maintained environment, where housing values have started full recovery, where roads are better than almost anywhere in Jefferson County, where we have amenities that help to expand our quality of life choices, where most of us pay our dues on time and are respectful of our neighbors. Under Keith Larson’s outstanding and responsive management, the association has been well served by a first-rate staff. Hopefully we will be able to continue these trends.

At that Annual Meeting, Elections Committee Chair Mary Ann Schulte announced the newly elected board members: Kim Titus, John Oliveira, and myself. At the organizational Board meeting two days later the new board elected its officers and sincerely thanked outgoing members Doug Leeds and Don Eppley. Of the new board members, only Kim Titus has never served on our board(Continued from page )but her past employment experience promises Kala Point the quality of leadership and expertise we always seek. She was elected to serve as Secretary, David Miller will continue as Vice-President, John Oliveira will continue as CFO, and I will serve you as President.

Over the past forty years, Kala Point has matured as a community with less than fifty lots left for new construction. So, looking forward, as mature members of a mature community, we need to plan for the long-range future and implement policies and procedures that foster our community and its values. The future is unknown and thinking about it can make some anxious, while others cheerfully greet it with high expectations. Our infrastructure’s future has been well planned and is being adequately funded through our Reserves. But what qualities have made and will make Kala Point desirable and comfortable in the future? Will we see continuing appreciation in housing values? And how can we, as a community, promote those increases? Will we continue to have a healthy wooded environment? And how can we preserve it? Will we have new and different amenities to cater to changing desires of the membership? What do we want the experience of Kala Point to be in five, ten, twenty, or forty years?

More immediately, how can we prepare for worst-case scenarios? The volunteers of the Emergency Preparedness Committee and the Social Plus Committee held a picnic-informational at the Club House to help our members ready ourselves for disaster. The County usually has its own version at Carroll Park. If you haven’t taken advantage of these resources of important information, you need to take it upon yourself to make the extra (Continued on page )

(Continued from page ) effort to find out what you will do when you are faced in a disaster with no water, no electricity, no food, and no shelter. You need to know who your volunteer EPC block-captain is. You need to understand that the Federal and State authorities have made it quite clear that the YO-YO principle will likely apply for months after any major disaster because we are at the end of the road and way down the list of population centers: You’re On Your Own. Find out what you need to do!

Preparing for disasters and preparing for our community’s future: Volunteers in your wonderful Kala Point Home Owners Association who are your neighbors are giving their time to help you have a future you can happily look forward to. One way to thank them is to volunteer your own time for one of the many committees that have helped to create the environment of Kala Point.

As a side note, there will not be a separate article on the Board’s organizational meeting. I’ve already reported the results of the election of officers; the new Board Liaisons and Representatives are listed elsewhere in this issue. In addition, the Board’s Liaison to the Architecture Committee (AC) has written a note on the procedure the AC expects to use to establish the revised APPs. The Board is in no hurry to push through changes and we will take the time necessary to make informed decisions.

Calendar of Events for August 2017

August 1-31

August 6 to 27 -  Annual Art Port Townsend. Art Port Townsend is an annual event that is presented by the Northwind Arts Center and the Port Townsend Arts Commission. The schedule of events includes visual arts, literary events, workshops, lectures, and an artist studio tour.  This is an exhibit by artists from Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, British Columbia, and Alaska.  Location. Northwind Arts Center, 2409 Jefferson St.  Contact: Rae Belkin, 360-437-9442,

August 11 to 13 - Jefferson County Fair: Friday and Saturday 10 am-8 pm, Sunday 10 am-6 pm.   As a tradition--oriented county fair, our purpose is to provide county residents and guests of all ages the opportunity to gather together for the recognition of those individuals and families willing to share their accomplishments in livestock, agriculture, home and fine arts, crafts and industry, and organizations which provide education, environmental stewardship and public service.  Location: Jefferson County Fairgrounds, 4907 Landes Street.  Contact: 360-385-1013,

August 12 - Olympic Relay Adventure: 5:30 am to 5:30 pm.   Overnight relay running event from the City Pier in Port Angeles to Port Townsend through the national forest roads, well-maintained trails, and dedicated pedestrian paths on the north end of Olympic Peninsula in Washington.    Teams may consist of up to 12 runners, generally split into no more than two vehicles. Each runner will complete a minimum of three legs, depending on the size of the team, for a total of 36 legs. The course is run in a “relay” style with every participant finishing one leg in a consecutive order until each member has run. The order of each runner repeats throughout the day, into the night, and continues the following day until the last runner reaches the finish line.  Location: Port Angeles City Pier, 315 N Lincoln St, Port Angeles.  Contact:

August 18 - Sixth Annual Dove House Benefit Golf Tournament; 12 pm.   Dove House last year helped many people transition to a safer life. Because Dove House does not turn anyone away, its budget is never enough to meet the needs of all of their clients, according to a press release.  Location: Port Ludlow Golf Club, 751 Highland Dr.  Contact: Barbara Berthiaume, 360-437-0423.

August 19 -  Port Townsend Kiwanis Classic Car Show: 9:00 am to 3:30 pm.   A gathering of the finest “classic cars”, 1980 and older, in the area. Trophies are awarded for the best cars, as judged by the entrants, in both stock and modified categories. Peoples Choice is awarded by the voting of the spectators.  Location:  Memorial Field, 520 Washington Street.  Contact: Tommy Dodd,

August 25 - PTSA: Figure Drawing Open Session: 6:00 to 8:30 pm.  All are welcome to drop in at the figure drawing session at Port Townsend School of the Arts this Friday evening. It’s a great time to come in and practice your drawing or painting skills.  Tanya Brakeman will be modeling for us this week.  Location: Port Townsend School of the Arts (PTSA), Fort Worden Way, Building 306.  Contact 360-344-4479,

August 28-29 - Artist Studio Tour: 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.  The tour offers an opportunity to visit local artists, observe demonstrations, and discuss the creative process throughout an intensive weekend of art.  Location: Port Townsend Area.  Contact: Rae Belkin, 360-437-9442,

What Happened at the Last,
Last (for me) Board Meeting  

By Doug Leeds

Firstly, this being my last Board meeting as your Corporate Secretary, it will also be my Farewell Address, at least as an elected official. I make no promises that you have heard the last of me. I know, disappointing to some who thought my rhetoric sometimes crossed the line to inflammatory. As when I used terms that rhyme with porches and twichforks (I promised at the last meeting, never to use that other, to some of my readers, offensive verbiage in an official capacity). I have a few detractors who, on occasion, did remind me they saw little humor in my reports, they had only a slight restraining affect. I could have been worse! But to the many that went out of their way to tell me they appreciated, not only my twisted sense of humor, but also my writing style and content, I am deeply grateful. It was very pleasing to know so many folks looked forward to my monthly, ramblings. Thank you to all, even my critics. At least, they too, even if reluctantly, read my missives while increasing my readership.

The July, Annual Meeting, began the festivities on Sunday at the NW Maritime Center and they did not officially end until Tuesday’s organizational meeting. A fine display of hard work, long hours and extreme dedication by your Board. Oh, I guess I should mention that Sunday’s affair lasted only a little more than an hour when it was recessed until Tuesday (sounds a little like the US Congress, does it not?).

The Tuesday session lasted only slightly longer. Speaking for the rest of the Board we did appreciate the double pay for the extra work this month**.

There is always a very short agenda for the Tuesday organizational meeting. Seating the newly elected Board members was the first order of business. They were John Oliveira, Joe Englander and Kim Titus. Kim deserves special mention for her absence. Seldom has there been a more altruistic excuse for missing a meeting. She is off in the wilderness fighting forest fires. Thanks for your service and stay safe, Kim. John is taking on additional duties since he has agreed to stay on as Chief Financial Officer in addition to serving as Director. Joe Englander has been serving a vacant Board position and liked it so much he ran for his own term.

As those three ascended to their thinly-padded executive style folding chairs, only I had to vacate one of those luxurious seats. Two of the three departing positions had stepped down early for medical or personal reasons. Kind words were said about all three of the recently departed (my critics mentioned above were, thankfully, not in attendance).

Then the newly constituted Board elected officers from among their ranks. Your KPOA President is now Joe Englander. Vice President David Miller was elected to another one-year term and Kim Titus has learned a valuable lesson: Don’t miss organizational meetings! She was elected to the position of Corporate Secretary in absentia. The upside of that; she got the easiest extracurricular job on the Board. If I could do it… it must be easy.

** For any newcomers to Kala Point and to avoid wild rumors, there still is no compensation to Board members. Double nothin’ is still nothin’, and according to some, we are over-paid at that.

Sign Up for Kala Point
International Dinner Group

By Marilyn Brenner

Last call for signups for next season’s Kala Point International Dinner Group. Enjoy dinners, exploring tastes around the world! Couples and singles are both welcome. Sign-up deadline is August 15th. Three dinners are planned over the year, scheduling 6-8 diners for each meal. Dinner #1 takes place sometime during September, October and November 2017; Dinner #2 during January, February and March 2018 and Dinner #3 during April, May and June 2018.

For those new to Kala Point International Dinner Group, here is how it works:

Prior to the start of the program year, suggestions for themes from group members are solicited and selected. Volunteers from the group plan menus and test recipes chosen which may include choices for beverages, appetizers, entrees, salads, sides and desserts. Help in theme, menu, and recipe selection and production of menu packets are always welcome and encouraged.

From the list of participants, Don Brenner utilizes computer magic to select groups of approximately 6-8 people for each of three dinners. Each household participating is designated as ‘host’ for one of the three dinners. Hosts receive the menus for their dinner group, make their selections from the choices, prepare the entreé and assign their guests to bring appetizers, desserts, side dishes etc. Enough menus are given to hosts so that each household receives one. The host also finds the best dinner date for all members of their group. The dinner can take place anytime during the 3-month period for that dinner – and, at the host’s discretion, can go into later months if needed.

Please sign up with Don/Marilyn Brenner by August 15th. Please note that while this program will make sure you dine with different people on each of the three meals, it does not prevent repeats from previous years. If you have special requests for this schedule, please contact the Brenners directly. If you are two singles who always want to dine together, please sign up together. Singles are also welcome to sign up as a single or ‘single and guest’ if you want to invite a friend to attend with you. It is also possible to be listed as a substitute to be called in case a particular dinner has room for more diners. Hosts are encouraged to enlarge their group to include a listed sub or guests of their choice who would enjoy the experience.

To sign up, please send the following information to Brenner’s via email:
or or by mail to: 22 Cedarview Lane, Port Townsend, WA 98368.

Be sure to include: 1. Your name(s); 2. Address; 3. Phone (best for contact); 4. Email

* If you do not get a confirmation by August 22, please send your email again.

Process for Amending the
Architectural Committee APPs

By Michael Machette, Board Representative
for the Architectural Commttee

Thank you for the email comments that were sent to the Board. The official comment period closed on July 15th, with more than 50 comments received from 40 individuals. These are being compiled in a master document that will be posted on the KPOA website and forwarded to the AC and Board members for consideration. The raw comments will be printed and available in a 3-ring binder at the KPOA Administrative Office.

At our last Board meeting, new Board President Joe Englander assured all present that the Board has neither slowed-down nor sped-up the process that the APP revision is going through. It is going through a process similar to that used for the 2016 Tree Committee APP changes, but we are in the early stages of that procedure.

After the comments are complete, the AC will parse them into subject fields (for example, Authority, Painting, Fences, Setbacks, etc.) so the AC can collectively view the entirety of the comments. The AC will then consider all subjects, craft consensus responses to each, and make revisions as needed. This information will then be posted on the website, and after some suitable time for digestion, the Board will accept further limited oral comments from the community either at a working session or a Town Hall (process and timeline TBD). Then, the AC will consider all member comments, keep or modify their proposals about the subject fields, and make their recommendations to the Board. After some time to study the recommendations, the Board will vote to accept, reject, or ask the AC to make further modifications to the proposed AC APPs. At some point in this process the Board will likely ask for legal review.

The entire procedure is open and transparent. There is no hidden government with a hidden agenda. Remember, those working on the document are your neighbors and fellow property owners who have volunteered their time to try to create the best and most appropriate document they can; any procedures they may establish will apply to them, as well

No Mailbox Theft in Kala Point

By Dick Schulte, Kala Point Representative
to the JCSO Citizens Advisory Committee

The July 12, 2017 Port Townsend Leader, under the Sheriff’s Office Report, stated a Kala Point resident reported that on June 27th there was mail stolen from several mailboxes. After a follow-up call to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, it was determined that the report was in error. The actual theft occurred in Woodland Hills, not Kala Point.

Dove House Benefit Golf Tournament

Friday, August 18th 2017 at Port Ludlow Golf Course.  Benefits Dove House’s Advocacy and Emergency Housing services.  Play in the Tournament or be a sponsor.  The day includes a silent auction, fun raffles, and prizes.  For more information, call Bekka Bloom 360-385-5292 or go to

What Are Architectural Standards?

Caroline McNulty, Lot 153

In a Homeowner Association such as KPOA there are usually “architectural standards” that are supported in that Association’s CCR’s (Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions). Architectural standards set forth the policies and procedures regulating a homeowner’s ability to make architectural improvements and modifications to their property. In general, these architectural standards regulate the exterior design elements such as paint color, exterior materials, landscaping materials. These standards also establish procedures through which an individual owner may obtain approval for desired architectural improvements and modifications.

Sometimes there is confusion around the use of the word “standard.” For an HOA, “standard” usually refers to the level of quality or norm that the community expects to maintain. This usage is different from a measurable engineering or construction specification that might be appropriate in a different context. These two meanings of the word “standard” have resulted in comments that the current Architectural Committee doesn’t have standards, yet the KPOA CCR’s are quite specific about standards and how they are carried out. They can be found on page 15 of the CCR’s Article VIII, Architectural Control. For instance, in Section 3: “The Architectural Standards shall include, among other things, restrictions and limitations upon Owners.” The stated items that are controlled are: Buildings (homes), fences, walls, other structures, time limitations for completion, conformity to specifications (our standards) set by the Architectural Committee and previously approved by the Board of Directors. In addition, Section 4 states: “Architectural Standards may include such other limitations and restrictions as the Board and the AC in its reasonable discretion shall adopt, including, without limitation, the regulation of the following: Construction, reconstruction, exterior addition, change or alteration to or maintenance of any building, Structure, Dwelling, wall, fence, or landscaping including without limitation, the nature, kind, shape, height, materials, exterior color and surface and location of such Dwelling or Structure.”

The County issues permits for a building, septic systems whereas the State issues permits for electrical work. The County has building standards that help ensure safe housing construction such as earthquake stability, electrical, plumbing, engineering design, etc. Our CCR’s specifically state that committee members are not expected to have that expertise and should not perform such duties.

A considerable amount of the current approval given by the Architectural Committee has been in place since the development of Kala Point in 1978. Detailed standards were added around 1994, many of which are still in force. Specific examples are: Using woodland colors to “blend in”, roofing that emulates the look of cedar shakes, not using solid fencing, etc. As materials have changed, new products emerged and additional options were requested, and consequently changes to the Architectural APP III have been adopted. Such change occurs only with Board review and approval.

Sources: KPOA CCR’s, the Architectural APPIII, HOA Law, CAI (Community Association Institute) and the original KPOA developer.

Ladies Singles Group

By Mary Lou Boegehold

The Kala Point Ladies Singles Group sponsored by Social Plus meets the first Tuesday of every month. We get together in the Fireplace Room at the Clubhouse for a brief meeting at 11:30 am to discuss upcoming local events some of us might be interested in attending. We then head out for lunch together.

Our present schedule includes:

August 1st. – Banana Leaf
September 5th – Point Hudson Café
October 3rd. – Hillbottom Pie

It is a chance to get together for a chat with friends. We would welcome guests or new members to our group. No RSVP is necessary. Just join us at the Clubhouse.

Indian Island Tour

By Diana Zinn, Social Plus

Social Plus is sponsoring a bus tour of Indian Island on Friday, August 18th at 10:00 am. We have four seats left on the bus. Call Diana Zinn at 360-385-5680 ASAP for more information if you are interested. We have a tentative list for another tour on Friday, September 22nd if there is enough interest. So far that only has 4 people signed up. It will be approximately two hours long.

It is a chance to get together for a chat with friends. We would welcome guests or new members to our group. No RSVP is necessary. Just join us at the Clubhouse.

Social Plus Meeting

By Diana Zinn

The Kala Point Social Plus committee is meeting on Monday, August 1st at 3:00 pm in the Clubhouse Fireplace Room. We would love to have new members and new ideas. We are the group that plans fun! Please join us and see what it is all about. We meet every month on the first Tuesday at 3:00 pm in the Clubhouse.

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:

I am concerned that having bus service into Kala Point would be a possible danger to the membership. A friend of mine used to drive a bus for Jefferson Transit. He claims that many of the bus patrons are vagrants that ride the bus to have a place to be during the day. It would be very easy for them to take the bus to Kala Point and spend the day here at our beach or wandering around the neighborhoods until another bus comes to pick them up later in the day. They may be harmless, but then again, they may not be. We don’t know.

I understand the benefit of having bus service here would be that Dial-A-Ride could come to Kala Point every day instead of just on Thursdays. Dial-A-Ride would be an advantage to many residents here, but Jefferson Transit will only send that service to places that have a bus route.

I would rather have us press Jefferson Transit to offer Dial-A-Ride here without having to suffer the nuisance of a bus traveling up and down Kala Point Drive and Pinecrest a few times every day bringing people from other places to hang around here for lack of better things to do.

Dial-A-Ride, yes. Bus service, no.

Nancy Leeds, 220 Fairbreeze Drive

Please remind our residents that their dogs should be on a leash if there is a chance they might run into the street or on other’s property. Some of our residents are not steady on their feet and a dog off leash barking and snarling at them could cause a senior to fall, or a vet trip for the dogs involved in a fight or their precious dog being hit by a car.

Thank you,

A concerned KP resident