New Puppies!

Our Billie Jean and Wonderpond’s Stevie

Stevie (L) and Billie Jean (R)

The happy couple!

Billie Jean and her puppies. Three boys (red and white) and two girls (tri-color).

We Had a Great Time!

The Port Townsend Rhody Parade was great this year after two years of Covid-19 cancellations.

We had fourteen corgis in all. We love this because from each block ahead we get to hear, “Oh look! The corgis are coming!”

We had fourteen corgis with us in the 2022 Rhody Parade.

Join Us for the Rhody Parade

Saturday, May 21, 2022 • The Port Townsend Rhody Festival!

After the week-long events celebrating our town as the Rhody capital of the U.S., we get to enjoy the Rhody Grand Parade. Marching bands, floats, car clubs, equestrians, our Rhody Queen and her Court… it’s small-town America at its best.

Bring your Pembrokes and Cardigans and join us as we march in this year’s Rhody Parade. You’ll get to hear from each block ahead, “Oh look! The corgis are coming!” There’s nothing like it.

Between 12 and 12:30 p.m., we assemble at a staging area just off Lawrence ahead of the parade start. We’ll find out that location on Saturday morning.

At 1 p.m., the parade begins at the corner of Lawrence and Harrison Streets in Uptown Port Townsend [map here]. We walk about a mile to the finish, and it’s mostly downhill.

Link to the Rhody Festival website.

This was us at last year’s, last-minute, very small, Rhody Parade in August. The entire festival was postponed in 2020 due to COVID-19. We’re glad it’s back for 2022.

Annie Marie Wins Her Class

Annie won her 6 to 9-month puppy class at the Peninsula Dog Fanciers’ Shows in Bremerton, WA, this last weekend. She walked in with confidence like she owned the place. We’re really proud of her.

VP Corgis Heart’s Desire for Rockshire

Welcome our Newest Addition

Meet VPCorgi’s Heart’s Desire for Rockshire, we call her “Annie Marie.”

She’s very sweet and gets along with our girls Chloe and Billie. Her favorite plaything is her full-size soccer ball.

The 2021 Rhody Parade

Held at the last minute, in August instead of May, Port Townsend’s Rhody Parade was a big hit. After all our struggles during the pandemic, it was a fun day for the entire community.

The corgis love marching along and greeting people… and we get to hear from each block ahead, “Look the corgis are coming!”

From left: Billie Jean, Gus, Toad, Allie (in front), Darby Jean (in back), Chloe Anne, Radar, and Jack.

Corgis in the Rhody Grand Parade

We’re entry number 25, out of nearly 50.

We won’t know where they will be staging us until Saturday morning. When we find out, we’ll post it here.

We suggest meeting us at the corner of Lawrence and Harrison Streets in Uptown Port Townsend. You may just jump in and walk with us.

You won’t be able to miss us as we pass.